Tourism Season in Full Bloom on Prince Edward Island

Tourism is in full bloom on Prince Edward Island so it only makes sense that along with it you’ll discover the Lady Slipper, the province’s official but delicate flower that blooms in late May and early June.

Flora and fauna abound, not the least of which includes the closely cropped fairways and greens of the world renowned golf courses that populate this gentle island. Over26 on an land surface just over 2100 square miles. With a course for every golfer, from world class to recreational, Prince Edward Island has all the makings of a golf vacation dream. What to do at sentosa singapore 

While certainly a mainstay of the tourism season, golf is not the only reason to visit the pretty island. A summer vacation on Prince Edward Island offers an abundance of sun, surf and sand. So much sand, in fact, that it comes in your choice of white, champagne, pink or red. And the waves rolling onto the shore are some of the warmest waters you’ll find north of the Carolinas.

From those waters comes an abundance of ocean life vast and varied. For the foodie, Prince Edward Island offers up a smorgasbord of culinary delights to tempt any palate. Though there are only two lobster seasons on the island; one in the spring and the other in the fall, Island specialty. Island lobster suppers server fresh lobster from their salt water storage all summer long.

And then there are the clams. For the perfect bowl of clam chowder, potatoes serve as a natural thickening agent and Prince Edward Island potatoes are the world’s finest. Add to the mix any number of farm fresh products, including your choice of vegetables and dairy products, and the flavour of your vacation will linger on the palate almost as long as it stays in your memory.

On any PEI menu you will find fish. Haddock, halibut and sole are most common. But on this gentle island, you’re hardly limited to only fish from the sea. Brook and rainbow trout are also available.

Once on this island, it is not only the food and the golf that will capture your attention during this high tourism season, it is also its rustic nature. A rich maritime and farming history come together to provide a sensibility that is at once sage and weathered, yet eternally optimistic. It is perhaps for that reason the Prince Edward Island is the birthplace of Confederation in Canada. No small feat for this island, the smallest of Canada’s provinces.


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