Speed Up Computer Software – The Quick and Easy Way to Speed Up Your Computer in Only 10 Minutes

Eventually most PC users will want or need speed up computer software. The longer and more extensively you use your computer the greater the need for speeding up computer software.

Why? In layman’s, over time your PC’s heart – the registry – becomes clogged with so many unwanted files and commands that it takes longer for new commands to be processed. Eventually errors occur regularly, files become fragmented, and severe cases, your PC freezes or crashes all together.

That is why if your computer is starting to run slower than normal you really need software to clean and speed up your computer.

So how do you get this software?

Speed up computer software is sourced from Two Main Sources. Each of these will only take around 10 minutes to fix your PC speed problems.

1. From Your Computer – that’s right – there is normally software already installed on your PC to help you improve its performance.

a. Run Disk Cleanup will get rid of all the unwanted and rarely used programs you have accumulated your PC. The result is more storage space on your hard disk. With Vista open your Control Panel, go to System and Maintenance then look for Performance Information and Tools and lastly choose Disk Cleanup. Disk clean up is easily found on earlier Windows applications.

b. You can also Defrag Your Hard Drive. Whenever you write, create, or copy a new file, Windows will assign space that is needed for that file. Automatically it will be put into that assigned empty space. Eventually the available spaces run out, so Windows will fragment the file and put parts of it in any available space on your hard drive.

This means that parts of a specific can be located anywhere on the hard drive and not in one location as it should be. Your poor PC therefore has to work much harder at retrieving that file when it is commanded to making for a much slow operational speed ie. poor performance. shareit for pc

When you de-frag your PC all the fragmented files are rearranged so that the separated parts of a files come together again in one location making life much easier for your PC. To run the De-frag software access the Start Menu, All Programs, Accessories, System Tools, and then Disk Defragmenter.

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