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The ever increasing incidents of cyber-attacks are forcing many people to adopt stringent measures regarding online security policies. To understand the meaning of Cybersecurity, you need to understand the reason behind cyber-attacks. Most cyber-attacks are carried out by skilled hackers who want to steal data from other people. It could be done with an ulterior motive of stealing money as well. Whatever the reason might be, the main aim is to compromise the data of the user so that they won’t be able to access it.

A career in Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is the process of protecting the data of devices and preventing unauthorized people from accessing it. Cybersecurity is extremely important in today’s scenario because there have been a lot of incidents of cyber-attacks. You need an effective framework to prevent the data from getting stolen. Any loophole in an IT framework is enough for hackers to get into.

Often, hackers use other means of stealing data like malicious software and links. This malicious software creates changes in the user’s system and deletes the entire database. As a result, you might lose all your data. Cybersecurity has become popular because most people have realized the dangers of online theft and are willing to put in efforts to prevent the same. Money extortion and disruption of the normal functioning of the system form an integral part of Cybersecurity. There are multiple layers of Cybersecurity that will prevent hackers from accessing your system.

Get started with a Cybersecurity certification

Cybersecurity is a wide and complex structure. There are different branches of Cybersecurity, but most of them are similar in nature and function. If you want to start a career in Cybersecurity, you need to get the relevant skills. These skills will help you understand the functioning and terminologies of Cybersecurity.

To start with it, you need a valid certification. It will validate your skills and make you efficient in the field of Cybersecurity. You need a certification to get employed as a Cybersecurity professional. Most of the jobs require a certification in Cybersecurity.

Now, the most important question. Which certification should you go for? The CISA or Certified Information Security Auditor is one of the most popular certifications for Cybersecurity professionals. Let’s look at some of the aspects of the certification.

The Certified Information System Auditor (CISA) is the best step towards a career in Information Technology and business systems. If you want to make a career in controlling, monitoring, and auditing information security systems, CISA will help you with the progress. It is one of the most preferred Information Systems audit certification programs and requires greater effort on your part.

But, some people find the CISA certification process a bit tedious. If you feel the same, then there are many alternatives to CISA that you can go for.

CISA alternatives

Here are the best CISA alternatives that you can opt for.

  • GIAC Security Essentials Certification

If you want to get employed as an IT system security officer, you need the GSEC certification. It is one of the best certifications for IT system security officers, and you will get comprehensive knowledge about all the security essentials.


Exam fee: $1,699

Exam pattern: 180 questions

Duration: 5 hours

Prerequisites: no prerequisites


  • Security+

It is a foundational level certification and requires you to understand the basics of systems security. You will learn the best practices in security and apply them to your work processes. It is popular in the US, and a lot of US companies accept security+ certified professionals.


Exam fee: $320

Exam pattern: 90 questions

Duration: 90 minutes

Prerequisites: a minimum of 2 years of experience in IT administration


  • SSCP

Systems Security Certified Practitioner is a highly valued certification in the IT industry. It will give you instant validation and a job in any large organization. SSCP is one of the most valued certifications and has a good reputation for high rates of employment. It will help you apply your skills in real-life scenarios and help you stand out among the crowd. It is a must-have certification for your resume and will help you get the job of your choice.


Exam fee: $249

Exam pattern: 125 questions

Duration: 3 hours

Prerequisites: one year of work experience in Cybersecurity

These were the best alternatives to CISA that you can go for. All these certifications are good for your career, and they will immensely boost your growth.

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